Custom Web
Your Website will be unique in all aspects, I will build it exactly how you Envision or Imagine it to be.
If you have a drawing or any graphical representastion of the site e.g a photoshop design, present it to me and I will bring it to life as your new well coded beautiful website just as you like it.
Dynamic Web Design & Development
Everything will be easy to manage and update, If need be I will build for you a back-end system with a database which you can access from your browser and log in to your control panel and update your site whenever you want to.
Creative Web Design
Here anything is possible, just let your brain run wild and any Ideas you develop, present them to me and I'll make them a reality.
Your Imagination plus my creativity, I believe will produce a most creative awesome website.
Interactive Web Design & Development
Using CSS, Javascript & Ajax I will make your website Instinctive & Interactive with beautiful transitions. Making it welcoming and user friendly, providing your visitors with a wonderful online experience.
Responsive Web
The Layout to your website will be responsive in nature. When visitors view it using either a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone, the website will transform to fit the viewing device's width or redirect to a customized version of the site specificaly for the viewing device in use.
Hi there !
I am a self-motivated, innovative, proactive and achievement oriented individual, also highly Knowledgeable in various professional fields. I’ve received professional training, learned, practiced and mastered:
Front-End Designing – Mastered languages include: HTML5, CSS3, JAVASCRIPT & JQUERY. CSS preprocessors include Sass & Stylus. Front-End frameworks include Foundation & Bootstrap. Front-End MVC's include AngularJS & Backbone.js.
Back-End Developing – Mastered languages include: PHP & MYSQL. PHP Frameworks include Laravel & Codeigniter. NodeJS + ExpressJS with mongoDB, Socket.IO or Apache Cassandra are part of my Back-End Arsenal as well.
Custom WordPress & Joomla Development - I am greatly adversant with building and customising Templetes and Themes associated with this Content Management Systems.
Motion Graphics & Compositing Production – Hands on Skills in Adobe After Effects, Photoshop & Autodesk Maya.
Computer systems administration, under the windows platform both hardware and software.
I am ready and willing to apply my skills, experience and background to a challenging and stimulating situation, enabling us to make positive contribution in making peoples live's better.
Nature of Bussiness
I have a very flexible and open nature of doing business with any willing and interested party, no marter where you are, as long as we can communicate electronically. All we will need from you is;

Theme colors to use for your website, A logo if any is available or needed., Content for the website (website details), Images to be displayed on the website, if you don't have any, we can provide based on your requirements and specifications.

After you've provided me with the necessary or needed information, we will start on building the website, first we will build a sample usually the homepage of your new website. Then we will upload it to a subdomain on our website for you to see the progress.
From here on you will have to make a downpayment for guarantee and security purposes.This is to provide insurance of payment for the time we will invest in working on your website.
When we complete building the website based on the terms we've agreed on, we will then upload the full website to a subdomain on our website for you to see, If there are any changes you wish be made, we will make them based on your requirements and instructions. »» Read More
You will then have to finalize the payment, then we will provide you with the
website as a zipped file, or upload it to your server based on your instructions or requirements.
We build new complete custom websites on upwards of $350, depending on the complexity and sophistication of the job, we also provide domain registration @ $10 per year each, for .com, .net, .org prefixes and a few other popular ones. we provide domain hosting @ $25 per year with unlimitted bandwith, unlimitted online storage and 99.9 uptime guarantee.
If you require a website redesign or a few changes or additions here and there to your website we will gladly provide our skills.

Accepted payment modes include:
Contact me on how to proceed from here
Our Portfolio
Summary of my professional skills:
Front-End Designing
As I have mastered the art of web building, I believe I can more than deliver when it comes to custom & creative web designing.
You Imagine, We create, we can comfortably claim your fantasy to be our hands.
Back-End Developing
Using PHP & Ajax, I will build for you an inteligent & secure system which executes inspontaniusly (real time), to manage & administrate your database.
I can also build for you custom Content Management Systems (CMS) for whatever use you may require.
I also provide Laravel & CodeIgniter services.
Custom WordPress & Joomla Development
I am greatly adversant with building and customising Templetes and Themes associated with this Content Management Systems.
Using plugins, widgets, modules, components and selective extensions, I will give your Joomla or WordPress site dynamic and flexible functionality in accordance to what is needed.
Motion Graphics & Compositing Production
Combining my Skills in Adobe After Effects, Photoshop & Autodesk Maya, I will create for you breath taking awesome motion graphics which you will absolutely love.
Whether you want the motion graphics incoporate to your video mybe an advert or music video etc, I will find a way to make it happen flowlessly.
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